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Web 2.0 & the Blogosphere

Web 2.0 refers to any site where users generate the content.  Blogs, forums, and social platforms provide a place where people can interact with each other based on their personal interests.  These environments are ideal places to reach consumers with relevant advertising messages based on their interests.

The Social Web

More people go online to interact with Social Media sites than for any other reason.  The advent of MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms has brought people closer together and created a new opportunity for marketers to reach consumers in a new online environment targeting behaviors, preferences, and demographics.

Measurable Results

Social Media Marketing is more than being in the conversation, it is managing  We cut through the hype, and deliver results measured in new customers and new sales.  Increased good will, positive brand exposure, and customer retention is another valuable by-product, turning your customers into evangelists for your product / service. the conversation to produce real revenue for your business.