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 We combine a perfect blend of SEO, Content Management and Custom Web/Application Development to create the perfect code storm. Our In house programmers and SEO/internet marketers have the knowledge and years of experience creating all of the behind the scenes work that allows you to edit your website and more importantly Google, Yahoo & Bing to find your site. This is Science portion of your project. Blend this with The Art and you will get the best of both worlds, professional programmers working with professional artists - We look forward to starting your next project.

Ethical SEO

Employing ethical internet marketing and SEO is advantageous for your long-term success. Brandexx enhances your website’s profitability with these methods. 

Ethical SEO is an approach that Brandexx embraces. Not only is it the right way to do business, it will help your business; now and in the future. Referred to as white-hat SEO, these methods use ethical tactics to increase your rankings, including link-building through article and content distribution. This ensures that your site will never be penalized by search engines. It also means all the hard work from your internet marketing and SEO campaign will always belong to your business, and cannot be taken away when services are stopped.

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Content Management CMS

We believe in empowering you the client to have full control over your website and content. We offer a secure ASP.NET Content Control System (CMS) that will allow you to log onto our WYSIWYG interface and change or update content, add pages or images with a few clicks of the mouse.

Microsoft Technology
Our software engineers use Microsoft .net for web and windows based development and have been developing applications since the early beta editions. 
Combined with Microsoft SQL Server as the database this provides the backbone for fast, reliable and scalable applications. 
Add to that our background with the now Classicasp and some of our engineers go back 13 years in active server page development.


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Web & Custom Application Development

Business Requirements and Architecture
Brandexx's software engineers and architects work directly with clients to identify, evaluate and prioritize business requirements. 
Requirements are translated into documentation to provide a road map to project success. 
Once the requirements and deliverables are agreed upon, we utilize scrum methodologyto provide rapid results. 
In short, scrum allows applications to be developed in an iterative fashion with clear milestones are regular predictable intervals.

Database Design and Development
Nearly all modern applications use and maintain large amounts of data. Fast, reliable read/writes of data are a must for this. 
Brandexx utilizes Microsoft SQL Server to deliver high performance relational database designs.

Custom Development and Standard Packages
While Brandexx can develop custom business solutions, we also have several packages and a large code library that meet the needs of many of our clients with little to no custom development work. 
These include solutions for: Web Site Content Management Systems (CMS), E-commerce storefronts, calendar systems and social media sites.


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